Why Is My Dog Licking Me Excessively?

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If your dog licks you a lot when you pet them or feed them, it reflects their affection and love. Dog licking can also be associated with other feelings like comfort and relaxation.

We often enjoy our dog licking us and adore this behavior. We love when our dogs lick us with wagging tails and smiley faces, circling us when we enter the home after work.

Sometimes the dogs start licking excessively on your face, hands and arms, which can be annoying. This excessive dog licking may be due to different reasons. Let’s find them out.

Reasons for a Dog Licking Excessively

Some of the other reasons for excessive dog licking are as follows:

Seeking Attention:

Dog licking behavior reflects that they are craving your attention—the adorable dog with the wagging tail signals that they want to be petted and loved. Puppies also lick themselves as a sign to seek attention. And when you respond to them with a smile, it makes their day.

Showing Affection:

Licking is a way of expressing affection in dogs. When they lick you, they feel the same affection and comfort they felt when licked by their mother as puppies. This licking relaxes them, and they feel loved. Dog licking may also be a submissive act towards you to show respect and honor.

Exploring the World:

Dogs use their tongues to explore the world as we use our hands. Dog licking is an instinctive behavior that helps them understand their surroundings and act accordingly.

Following Good Smell:

A dog licks you when you smell good. It may be due to the perfume you use or the smell of lotion that attracts him. Sometimes your dog kisses you when you ate something tasty, and your dog also wants to taste it by licking your face and hands.

The dogs like your taste. Yes!! Your taste!! Your skin tastes salty, and dogs might lick you to taste that.

Expressing Empathy

Dog licking may also express their empathy for you. According to research, dogs lick their owners excessively when they see them crying, in trouble or sad. The dogs even lick their owners when they are faking to cry. To some extent, it is believed that dogs can sense the feelings of their owners and then lick to soothe them.


Some dogs lick a lot, and some lick less, but if you notice abnormal licking, then you should be concerned. A sudden increase in licking may be due to anxiety in dogs. It may be separation anxiety that disturbs them mentally. To overcome anxiety, they start licking themselves and you, as this behavior soothes them.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

In some cases, dogs lick excessively due to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). They lick themselves, their owners, or nearby objects uncontrollably in this condition. It can lead to sores on their tongue and skin patches. You should consult your vet regarding this issue. A dog behaviorist may also help to reduce this excessive dog licking.

How to stop a dog licking constantly?

If your dog’s licking becomes excessive and you are annoyed by it, then take the following step to stop your dog licking excessively.

Ignore Them

Dog licking is directly related to the attention that the dogs want from you. If you do not respond to this behavior, they understand that licking would not help. So, when your dog starts licking you, immediately ignore him and leave the place. This behavior will inform your dog that they should stop licking.

Reward Good Behavior

When your dog behaves well, then reward him. This act will encourage them to be well-behaved. Positive reinforcement can help you to get rid of excessive dog licking. If you Scold or punish your dog, it can worsen the situation.

Maintain Your Boundaries

You need to set boundaries for your dog and maintain them all the time. If you do not follow the boundaries and let them lick off and on, your dog may be confused and could not understand the cues.

Involve Them in Tricks

When your dog starts licking you, try to distract them by involving them in some tricky play or a chewy toy. You can also avoid this excessive dog licking by playing with them. This trick will distract them, and they forget about licking.
If you fail to understand your pet’s behavior and cannot help excessive dog licking, you should consult a vet or a dog behaviorist.


Why does my dog lick my hands?

Sometimes your dog licks your hands to taste the food you ate or they want to taste you. Our skin tastes salty due to the sweat and the dog likes to taste that.

How to stop a dog from licking?

If your dog’s licking becomes excessive and you are annoyed by it, then take the following step to stop your dog licking excessively:

  1. Ignore Them
  2. Reward Good Behavior:
  3. Maintain Your Boundaries:
  4. Maintain Your Boundaries:
  5. Involve Them in Tricks

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