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How to Prevent Excessive Shedding in Dogs?

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If you’re fed up with pet dander roaming all-around your house, and you are thinking of a way to stop excessive shedding in dogs and wondering.

“How to stop excessive shedding in dogs?”

Then to your surprise, you cannot stop shedding in dogs. But there is a way to handle this problem. If you want to solve this issue then you need to monitor your dog shedding patterns.

If shedding increases on the onset of another season like. Summer, it could be normal because some dog breeds develop thick coats in winters to withstand the cold and then shed off the excessive hair as the summer arrives.

If you’re allergic to dog fur and hairs, and want to get rid of shedding in dogs then you should choose a dog breed that sheds very little or even doesn’t. Some of these dog breeds include:

  • Poodle
  • Afghan Hound
  • Maltese
  • Chinese crested
  • Portuguese water dog
  • Schnauzer

What is Normal Shedding in Dogs?

We often notice our dogs get rid of their fur just like giant fur balls. Don’t get annoyed. This is quite normal. Shedding is a natural process in which dogs remove their damaged and unwanted hairs.

The amount of hairs dog shed depends mostly on different factors like

  • Breed of dog
  • Time of the year
  • Type of fur either double or single

These hairs provide protection to the dog’s skin and maintain an optimum body temperature. And shedding is the process in which the dogs renew their hair in this way.

How to Identify Excessive Shedding in Dogs?

Some dog breeds shed many hairs, and some shed very little. You might be confused and wondering what excessive shedding in dogs means. Then you need to understand that shedding completely depends on the dog breed.

If you want to identify abnormal shedding in dogs, you have to monitor the shedding pattern of your dog. If you notice sudden excessive shedding in dogs, you should take it seriously and look for the reasons for the excessive shedding in dogs.

Some other underlying symptoms also indicate excessive hair shedding in dogs. You need to keep track of your dog shedding patterns and look for these symptoms:

  • Severe irritation on the skin leading to redness, bumps and rashes
  • Excessive shedding and itching in dogs
  • Thinning of coat
  • Increased licking on itchy spots

Can Excessive Shedding in Dogs be Harmful to Health?

Excessive shedding in dogs is quite normal in some dogs, but it indicates some severe health issues at times. For that, you should pay attention to the changing pattern of dog shedding. Excess shedding in dogs may be associated with some serious health hazards. Most of the time, we assume ourselves; “Is excessive shedding in dogs a sign of cancer or any other serious health issue?”

Yes, in severe cases, excessive shedding in dogs causes some acute diseases. But in other instances, it might not, just like excessive shedding and dandruff in dogs are interrelated. So here are some health issues and reasons for excessive shedding in dogs:

  • Tick, fleas and lice infestation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Allergies like skin allergy and food allergy
  • Bacterial and fungal infections in the skin
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Live disorder
  • Immunity diseases
  • If you notice severe symptoms of excessive shedding, then visit the vet.

How to Control and Manage Excessive Shedding in Dogs?

excessive shedding in dogs - Girl combing a dog’s hair
Girl Combing A Dog’s Hair

One of the leading causes of excessive shedding in dogs is poor hygiene and irregular grooming. Just like human hairs, your dog’s coat also needs attention. You should brush your dog’s coat regularly to avoid excessive shedding. Every dog has distinct features, including its fur. While you are going to brush your dog’s hair choose a tool that suits their fur type

  • Different types of brushes are available in the market for varying dog coats. Bristle brushes are the best ones as they can be used for all kinds of coats, either long or short. The log bristle brushes work best for long hairs and the shorter bristle brushes for shorter hairs.
  • To reduce excessive shedding in short hair dogs, you should go for rubber curry combs, as they can help massage the dog’s skin and remove dead and damaged hairs.
  • This rubber comb massage is also the perfect choice to manage and control excessive shedding in older dogs, which they love a lot.
  • If your dog has curly, rough hair that often has knots and mats, then you should choose wire pin brushes to handle excessive shedding in dogs.
  • For detangling thick coats, you can use slicker brushes.

Feeding a Nutritious Diet

Malnutrition is the primary cause of excessive shedding in dogs. Just like humans, dogs’ hairs also need a good diet. This healthy diet nourishes the hair follicles and makes them strong and resilient. Thus, feeding a nutritious diet like olive oil and flax seed is the best treatment for excessive shedding in dogs.

Regular Bathing

Sometimes poor hygiene can also lead to excessive shedding in dogs. The trapped dirt in the hairs and the dead hairs are also one of the leading causes of excessive shedding. For the treatment of excessive shedding in dogs, you should maintain a regular bath time routine. And use a de-shedding shampoo as it helps in shedding and removing the dead hairs more quickly.

Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to various health issues, and one of them is excessive shedding in dogs. It would be best if you kept your dog hydrated, which in turn ensures healthy skin and coat. A good water drinking routine is essential for your dog’s overall health.

Using a Shedding Tool

Shedding is a must if you are a dog owner. If you don’t want big fur balls on your floor and furniture, you should regularly use a shedding tool called the brush that comes with steel tines. It removes the broken or dead hair that is still present in the dog’s fur, so it is wiser to remove the dead hairs before they fall off the dog’s coat.


How to Control Excessive Shedding in Dogs?

You can control excessive shedding in dogs by maintaining regular grooming along with a good diet that contains oils and proteins.

What Can I Feed My Dog to Stop Shedding?

To stop excessive shedding in dogs you should maintain a healthy diet plan for your dog that includes oils like olive oil and a protein source like flax seeds.

Why is My Dog Shedding So Much in the Fall?

Dogs usually shed heavily at the onset of the winter season to replace their lighter summer coat with the heavier and thicker coat that can withstand the cold spells.


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