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5 Ways to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Dog

Bringing a new dog to your home is a big decision. When introduce a new puppy to your dog, you have to prepare a lot to make this a pleasant experience for both the dogs, the resident dog, and the new puppy.

With proper arrangements and behavioral tactics, you can make it happen. Dogs are just like our family. And they may feel jealous when you bring home another dog and shower your love and affection on him.

Your resident dog may develop some envy if you shift all of your attention and love from him suddenly. You can make this transition stress free by making the correct preparations to welcome the new pup.

Follow the given tips when introducing a new puppy to your dog to make both of your dog feel loved and comfortable without displaying any aggressive behaviors.

How to Prepare When Introduce a New Puppy to Your Dog?

Being social animals, dogs like to make friends. Some dogs may be reserved and do not like to make friends, and for such dogs, you may notice your dog growling at the new puppy. But with proper arrangements, you can make this encounter a pleasant experience.

Before the dog introduction, make necessary arrangements like a dog crate, a pen, baby gates, and new toys for the new puppy. Always make sure that both the dogs have their personal space in the house and their toys. When bringing another dog home, make sure to put all the belongings of your resident dog in a place where the new dog cannot go. Even if you feel that your resident dog is not possessive about his things, you still need to take this step to avoid any aggression.

The first thing is to provide plenty of separate space for both the dogs and avoid clutter. So that both the dogs don’t feel forced on each other. If you have a small space at home, you can separate both the dogs by using tall baby gates to have their separate territory initially. You have to keep them separated, but they learn to coexist over time and will not make any fuss.

All these preparations will help you make the dogs meeting a good experience and support both the dogs to cooperate in the long run without any jealousy and aggression.

The Best Tips for first dog’s meeting – Remain Calm

The best and the most important tip for your dog’s first meeting is that you remain calm and composed throughout the whole process regardless of the results. Your dog interprets your emotions and acts accordingly. If you behave nervously and are confused, your dog will also be afraid and cannot interact appropriately with the new puppy.

Introducing the two dogs

Are you thinking of introducing both the dogs to your home? Then it is a horrible idea. Dogs have territorial possession, and if you raise the new puppy at your home, your dog may become aggressive and start growling at the new puppy. Your resident dog assumes your home as his territory, and when a new dog comes to your house, he takes him as an intruder.

So, select a neutral place when introducing a new puppy to your dog to avoid such a situation.
A dog park would be the best place as it will have other distractions. Before the first encounter, check the new dog for any parasites. It is advised to get the new pup vaccinated before you bring him home to avoid any infectious disease in your resident dog.

When you have chosen a suitable spot for the dogs meeting, it is time to introduce both the dogs. In this dog introduction, you can seek help from a friend or a family member. This other person can help you by holding one of the dogs so that both of the dogs get attention.

Let the dogs sniff and greet each other

When both the dogs meet, let them come close to each other and sniff the other dog. This is a dog’s nature. He may sniff, urinate, circle around the dog, and when they feel it’s okay, they start playing. During this meeting, please do not hold the leash tight. This action will give them a feeling they are being restrained from the other dog. If they like and accept each other, reward them and give them time to play with each other.

If your dog doesn’t like a new puppy and starts growling at him, don’t behave harshly and try to distract him by giving treats or an interactive toy. And wait for another meeting. If you act harshly or scold your resident dog, he will consider the other dog the enemy, which would complicate things for you. So you have to be patient throughout the process, whatever the situation is.

Bring the new puppy to your home.

Now the next step after introducing your dog to the new puppy at a neutral place is to take the new puppy home. When their first meeting goes well, it is a sign that you can move further. Take some time to walk with a leash while both the dogs are parallel. And the other person is helping you holding the leash of one of the dogs. This will give them the feeling that both the dogs are treated equally, and there will not develop any sign of competition.

If you take them into your car, you prefer using dog crates to take them home. Let them spend some time together playing in the yard when you enter your house, but keep the leash on. You can unleash your resident dog if he is well-behaved and does not show signs of aggression.

You can take the new dog to enter the house when everything goes well, let the little pup explore the new place, and keep him leashed.

Monitor them around the clock

If you witness now it is time to unleash the new dog and let both the dogs interact with each other. But initially, you have to monitor them to avoid any unpleasant situations. Your new pup might not understand the resident dog’s signs, and the older dog may growl at him. Over time the puppy will understand the cues, and both will learn to coexist.

Any unpleasant situation or they start fighting, then avoid scolding any of the dogs and only use treats to distract them. You can also involve them in interactive toys.

Things you need to avoid when introducing the dog to new puppy

To make this dog introduction a pleasant experience, you need to remember the following tips:

  • Avoid holding the dogs in your arms when the dogs meet
  • Keep yourself patient and calm
  • Refrain from scolding or harsh behaviors
  • Do not give them a chance to fight
  • Never leave the two dogs alone initially

What should you do when introducing a new puppy to your dog?

When introducing the dogs, keep the following thing in mind. Let’s take a quick look at the checklist:

  • Keep the meeting brief
  • Always choose a neutral place for the introduction
  • Seek help from a friend when introducing the two dogs
  • Provide a separate space for both dogs at home
  • Use baby gates to keep them separated
  • Play with both the dogs at different times

Dogs may take time to adapt, but they learn to cooperate. But if you still could not make your resident dog patient and used to the new dog, you should consult a dog behaviorist.


How do you introduce a new puppy to your dog?

When introducing the dogs, keep the following thing in mind. Let’s take a quick look at the checklist:

  • Remain Calm when introducing the two dogs
  • Keep the meeting brief
  • Always choose a neutral place for the introduction
  • Seek help from a friend when introducing the two dogs
  • Let them sniff and play with each other
  • Bring the new puppy to your home after a safe introduction
  • Provide a separate space for both dogs at home
  • Use baby gates to keep them separated
  • Play with both the dogs at different times
  • Do not scold the resident dog if he behaves badly, instead use treats.

Why is my dog growling at my puppy?

Your resident dog may growl at the new puppy if he does not like him. The puppy initially does not understand the signs ad cues. Over time the pup learns the cues that the older dog shows. And they learn to coexist after some time.

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