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Dog Eating Grass? Here’s What that Means

Dogs and grass don’t seem to go well together, at least in many people’s eyes; however, dogs serve a set of purposes when eating grass.

There are innumerable causes of this abnormal behavior. If we see our dog eating grass, we are apprehensive and think, “why is my dog eating grass all of sudden?”. A dog eating grass frantically may be a sign of anxiety, stress, hunger, or other health issues.

Pica is a health disorder in which a dog eats things that are not edible. And a dog eating grass is an example of Pica. This type of Pica is common among dogs.

Most dog owners worried about this odd behavior report this to their vet. There may be different causes of this behavior.

Why My Dog Keeps Eating Grass?

When you see your dog eating grass and vomiting. The first thing that comes to your mind is why my dog eats grass, and eating grass can make him sick. This discussion has become a big dilemma.

Whether your dog eats grass to treat the upset stomach or the stomach becomes upset after eating grass, and the dog throws up.

Some vets believe that dog eating grass and vomiting is just a regular thing as most wild dogs eat grass. Sometimes dog around 10% of them are sick before eating grass, and to fix the stomach issues, the dog eats grass and throws up when needed.

And we see that after vomiting, the dog eats grass again.

But some other people think that dogs are not smart enough to treat themselves by eating grass. And when you see a dog frantically eating grass, it may be a behavioral disorder.

The pet owners observed that only 25% of dogs eating grass are vomiting yellow bile. Grass eating may cause some health issues but not for all dogs.

Reasons for Your Dog Eating Grass

When you see your dog suddenly eating grass like crazy, it may be a sign of any other health disorder. Some of them include:


If you see your dog eating grass occasionally and wondering why is my dog eating grass and throwing up. One of the main reasons may be anxiety or stress.

Dogs are very playful and active pets. They love to spend time with their owners. If the owner ignores them, they often get stressed and start munching grass to overcome their boredom and anxiety and pass their loneliness hours.


It is mainly believed that dogs eat grass to cure their upset stomach and improper digestion. Today the dogs in our houses depend on packaged food that might not contain enough nutrition to meet their needs. So, the dogs eat grass to fulfill their dietary fiber needs when there is not enough in their food.

If you notice frequent vomiting visit your vet, and take advice.

Natural Instinct

The wild dogs mostly nibble grass as a habit or nutritional need. They hunt their prey, feed on the meat, bones, and other parts, and fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Today, dogs lack this lifestyle, and we can assume that dogs munch grass as an instinct and follow their wild ancestors.

How to Stop Dog From Eating Grass?

If you want to stop your dog from eating grass, you will first have to observe him closely and find the root cause of this odd behavior.

If you find out that my dog keeps eating grass out of boredom and anxiety, you need to spend time with your dog and involve them in some playful activity like playing fetch or a game of fris bee. A chewy toy will also be the best source to eliminate boredom.

Sometimes the dogs nibble grass when there is a lack of essential dietary fiber in their food. Our dogs depend on packaged food that we provide them, so there are certain chances that the food you’re giving them does not contain enough fiber to fulfill their body needs.

A study proves that fiber-rich food can be a substitute for dog eating grass. So it would help if you tried to switch to a different food brand with lots of fiber that goes best with your dog’s requirements.

But there are still certain chances that a dog eats grass to have a different taste experience.

At times, we find no primary reason for dog eating grass. In that case, it can be concluded that it may be the dogs’ instinct and you can try to distract your dog from eating grass on the sidewalks by offering some treats and petting them as a reward when you go on walks with your canine friend.


What Does It Means When A Dog Eats Grass?

Dogs eat grass to get the attention of their owner. Other reasons of eating grass as a sign of anxiety, stress, hunger, or other health issues.

Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass For an Upset Stomach?

If your dog eats grass rarely then you should ignore this. If they start to eat grass in bulks followed by vomits then you definitely need to stop them and talk to your vet.

Should I Be Worried About My Dog Eating Grass?

Dogs eat grass due to different reasons. You should observe them closely to find the real cause. Grass can be harmful to them as it may contains harmful herbicides and fungicides along with some worms that can upset their stomach.

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